Home Learning 5th June

Posted by Miss Franklin on Monday Jun 8, 2015 Under Uncategorized

We all had an amazing time on our Blenheim Palace trip yesterday!

Whilst we were looking around the palace we saw lots of shapes in the windows and the building. We saw 2D shapes; squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. We also saw lots of 3D shapes; cubes, cuboids, pyramids and spheres.

Go on a shape hunt with someone from your family! What shapes can you find? Are they 2D and 3D shapes? Let us know by typing your answers in the comments below.

Challenge – you do not need to record anything but if you would like to you can draw the shapes you find on a sheet of paper and bring it in to show us next week! Or; could you draw a palace or a castle using different shapes?

3 Responses to “Home Learning 5th June”

  1. Ed Tolley Says:

    Ed says that the hamster exercise ball is a sphere and it is 3d! One of our lamps is a cylinder and it is 3d too (Daisy helped him with the name of the shape!). A bit of A4 paper with Daisy’s homework on it is a rectangle and it is 2d. Well done!

  2. Miss Franklin Says:

    Well done, Ed! Super shape spotting!

  3. joseph Says:

    Joseph looked for 2d and 3d shapes at his birthday tea. He found 3d shapes in party hats,balloons and jelly and 2d rectangular birthday cards!

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