Reception’s Got Talent!

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Home Learning this week…
We would like to celebrate all the talented children in our Reception classes! We will be having a Talent Show on Wednesday or Thursday next week. Please let us know on this Blog page if you have a talent that you would like to perform in front of your friends in the Reception classes. We are very excited!
Just thinking what my talent might be…!

14 Responses to “Reception’s Got Talent!”

  1. Tallula Gray Says:

    i like is cool. i know football skills.

  2. Mrs Ellis Says:

    Great Tallula! We look forward to seeing all your skills. Do you have a favourite football you would like to bring in and use?

  3. Emily H Says:

    i like football too and i am good at doing roly-polys.

  4. olly lees Says:

    i like dancing to shake it off. it is my favourite song. Taylor swift sings loud and clear and has nice hair.

  5. harry h Says:

    my talent is football and throwing rugby balls!

  6. Benjamin Says:

    I would like to show some of my magic tricks.

  7. Lia B Says:

    Lia likes to sing ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen, but will probably be too shy to sing it on stage. She also likes football & can tackle her daddy!

  8. Thomas and James Says:

    We would like to do a little Octonauts show.

  9. Ed T Says:

    I a very good at doing magic tricks and I can do them from my magic set.

  10. Poppy Kinchin Says:

    I like doing tap dancing.

  11. aston simmonds Says:

    I am fantastic at model makeing! Also im better at playing football than my daddy is haha 🙂 “I never lose” Im a very quick learner my mummy thinks im a wizz on my ds2 and say she would never be able to do what I do on it.

  12. Edward F. Says:

    My talent is doing lots and lots of jigsaw puzzles!

  13. Thomas Latimer Says:

    I have some really funky dance moves!

  14. Shay Says:

    Shay would like to sing and dance along to Taylor Swifts song ‘Shake it off’ !

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