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Next week is sports week for Reception! We have got our sponsored bike ride, Wood Green athletics and Sports Day (Friday 26th at 9:30).

Please could you ask your child what their favourite sport is and why, please post their answers in the comments.

It would be also lovely if they could bring in a drawing they have done of their favourite sport.

Have a lovely weekend.

Don’t forget to bring your bikes/scooters on Monday 22nd for the sponsored bike ride event. Children must bring their helmets with them to wear.

22 Responses to “Home Learning 19.06.15”

  1. Sophie Says:

    My favourite sport is swimming. I Iove jumping into the pool.

  2. Jos Says:

    I love football, it keeps me fit and I drink lots of water when I play which is also healthy. I love Man U like my Daddy and Rooney is my favourite player and my favourite goal keeper is David De Gea

  3. Amelie Says:

    I love football because I get to kick the ball and it goes into the net- goal!!

  4. Thomas Latimer Says:

    Football, because I can kick can the ball all the way up to the sky!

  5. Gemma Says:

    I like swimming because I can swim really fast

  6. olly lees Says:

    I love tennis and having lessons with Georgi because I like hitting balls outside and it is fun.

  7. Velvet Says:

    My favourite sport is running because i enjoy it, and i want to be super fast.

  8. Harry Says:

    I love playing football and I especially like being in goal.

  9. Ed Tolley Says:

    My favourite sport is ten pin bowling because you get to throw something and my favourite thing is throwing. (!)

  10. Poppy Kinchin Says:

    My favourite sport is football. I want to play like my cousin Felicity when I’m a teenager.

  11. Miss Franklin Says:

    Those are some great answers and reasons. We clearly have a lot of football fans! I am still trying to decide on my favourite sport…

  12. Tallula Says:

    My favourite sport is football. I like scoring goals. Me and my brother play football in the garden.

  13. Edward Frampton Says:

    I like football best. My daddy bought me a goal so I can practise in the garden

  14. Dalia Says:

    I love swimming. I can swim in the water. Karl is my teacher,

  15. Emelie Says:

    I like swimming. I really like the swimming teacher, she teaches really well.

  16. Benjamin Says:

    I like playing cricket and I like the bat bit best.

  17. Lia B Says:

    I love hockey. I go to watch my mum’s team play. I have my own hockey skort & stick & I join in when they warm up before a game.

  18. Emily Y Says:

    My favourite sport is gymnastics and football and swimming. And I have fun when I do it.

  19. Shay Says:

    Jogging is my favourite sport because I like going up and down

  20. aston simmonds Says:

    My favourite sport is football! I like playing football with my daddy and little brother jaydon. I also enjoy watching it on tv I think england is the best!!!

  21. Joseph Says:

    I love playing football I love scoring lots of goals. I wish I could be on the TV one day playing football with daddy!

  22. Kamran Says:

    I love cricket. I like batting.

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